Created in 1998, Eurobot is a international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people, organised either in student projects or in independent clubs. Eurobot takes place in Europe but also welcomes countries from other continents.

EUROBOT values, fair play, solidarity, technical knowledge sharing and creativity both through techniques and project management more than competition. The contest aims at interesting the largest public to robotics and at encouraging the group practice of science by youth. EUROBOT and its national qualifications are intended to take place in a friendly and sporting spirit. Thus, more than an engineering championship for young people, EUROBOT is a friendly pretext to technical imagination and exchange ideas, know-how, hints and engineering knowledge around a common challenge. Creativity is at stake and interdisciplinarity requested. Technical and cultural enrichment is the goal. To conclude, at this competition everyone wins in knowledge, experience and friendship: those who are awarded of course, but also those who didn't manage to make their robot work properly and were eliminated during the matches.

Theme this year: Prehistobot

Information: www.eurobot.org, Eurobot Rules 2014