RoboCup Rescue

RoboCup Rescue

Disaster rescue is one of the most serious issues involving very large numbers of heterogeneous agents in a hostile environment. The intention of the RoboCupRescue project is to promote research and development in this significant domain by involving multi-agent team work coordination, physical robotic agents for search and rescue, information infrastructures, personal digital assistants, standard simulator and decision support systems, evaluation benchmarks for rescue strategies and robotic systems that are all integrated into a comprehensive system in future.
RoboCupRescue is divided into two leagues: RoboCupRescue Robot League and RoboCupRescue Simulation League.

The RoboCupRescue Robot League competition has three main objectives:

  1. to increase awareness of the challenges involved in deploying robots for emergency response applications such as urban search and rescue and bomb disposal,
  2. to provide objective performance evaluations of mobile robots operating in complex yet repeatable environments
  3. and to promote collaboration between researchers.

Fig. 1: Arena Color Codes

Robot teams demonstrate their capabilities in mobility, sensory perception, localization and mapping, mobile manipulation, practical operator interfaces, and assistive autonomous behaviors to improve operator performance and/or robot survivability. All missions in the arenas are conducted via remote teleoperation as the robots search for simulated victims in a maze of terrains and challenges based on emerging standard test methods for response robots. Winning teams must reliably perform 7-10 missions of 20-30 minutes each from various start points to find the most victims. As robots continue to demonstrate successes against the obstacles posed in the arenas, the level of difficulty will continually be increased so the arenas provide a stepping-stone from the laboratory to the real world.! Meanwhile, the annual competitions provide direct comparison of robotic approaches, objective performance evaluations, and a public proving ground for capable robotic systems that will ultimately be used to save lives. [National Institut of Standards and Technology]

Information: www.robocup.org, Rescue Robot-League, RoboCup Rescue Complete Rule Book